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Latino Medical Student Association

LMSA board from left to right: Isabel Sturla (Treasurer), Ashley Maras (Student Engagement), Maria Gomez-Roas (Co-President), Julio Meza (Co-President), Marnie Ruiz (Community Engagement), Lawrence Garcia (Community Engagement), Steven Hoffman (Resident and Faculty Liaison)

At its core, the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) focuses on providing a supportive and educative environment for Latino medical students at Feinberg, educating the general Feinberg community about Latino health issues in Chicago, and providing advocacy, volunteering, and research opportunities. To that end, we’ve hosted and participated in a variety of events. 

We run a Latinos in Academic Medicine program, where we host a variety of speakers, and this past November, we hosted Dr. Jonathan Moreira, MD, an oncologist at Northwestern Medicine. He was able to bring one of his Spanish speaking patients in order to provide a new perspective to medical students. Dr. Moreira spoke about issues of providing culturally sensitive care to the Latino community and about his path to oncology.

In December, we provided students with the opportunity to practice their medical Spanish with standardized patients in the CEC. There was a case presented to all participating students and they had the opportunity to practice a full HPI and physical exam in Spanish. 

Additionally we want to give students the opportunity to practice their spanish in various settings. We frequently host Cafe con Leche, an inclusive event where medical students enjoy coffee with cookies while practicing their Spanish. 

LMSA has been involved with the Latino Chicago community. We are partnering up with NMSA to run a mentorship program that connects a Northwestern Medical Student to an undergraduate Northwestern student interested in Medicine. Mentors are able to form connections with their mentee as they guide them through the application process. 

Northwestern LMSA is also part of the national LMSA organization, and in past years we have been involved in both regional and national leadership and advocacy. We attended the LMSA national conference at the Washington University School of Medicine March and had the opportunity to interact with college students, medical students, residents and faculty from medical schools around the world. We also attended workshops on Latinx health issues, and learned from other chapters about how to create a strong Latinx community at Feinberg.

For more information contact:

Maria Gomez-Roas (Co-President)

Julio Meza (Co-President)

Erika Arias (MOLA Chair)

Zachary Cross (Social Chair)

Lawrence Garcia (Community Engagement)

Steven Hoffman (Resident and Faculty Liaison)

Ashley Maras (Student Engagement)

Marnie Ruiz (Community Engagement)

Isabel Sturla (Treasurer)